Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is a niche' market for sure or is it?

This little pendent can hold a small amount of your horses cremated remains. Now I ask myself...If my horse died where would I have him cremated at? Is there such a place in my area that would be able to handle my request of having my horse cremated? I checked and the answer is YES. I wonder if the place that makes these pendents also will creamate my horse for me? Probably not. I've never heard of this in all the 40 years of being a horse owner, so now I'm curious and to feed my curiosity I searched the internet and this is what I found...

eHow has an article title "how to arrange a horse Cremation".

CR Cremations - Paradise PA

Charges any where from $350.00 to 1,200.00 and up depending on size

So here goes a short list, which I will be adding more links as I go down the rode to fulfill my strange curiosity...

Eden Memorial Pet Care

Gardian Animal Aftercare Cremation

Koefran - Pet Services

San Diego Pet Memorials Park

Evergreen Mortuary

Memorial Pet Care

New Jersey
Paws to Heaven

Abby Glen

New Hampshire
Whispering Pines Animal Cremation

Abby Glen

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