Thursday, February 24, 2011

Horse Milk


Have you ever thought of something or were presented something and you thought, oh how strange and decided to search the internet for it? Well of course you have!  Everyone does it. I know I'm not alone on this one.

Any way... I was presented with a picture that displayed cans of "Horse Milk" in powder form. Yea you may have used it for an orphaned horse, but wait there's more (gigggle)! I never knew there was an industry for Horse Milk! Well lets see how many ways horse milk can be utilized.  Better yet, lets see what companies are claiming what horse milk can do for you?  First lets start off with taking a look at how horse milk is preserved...
  1. Frozen
  2. Boiled
  3. Air dried
  4. Powdered form ( which is essentially the same as air dried just processed differently)
Uses or claims to fame by many websites..
  1. Metabolic disorders.  The claim is that it stimulates intestinal cleansing. mmmm?
  2. Higher nutrients than cow milk.
  3. Control cholesterol
  4. Problems with digestion
  5. Mineral or vitamin deficiency (thats a broad statement)
  6. Stiff joints and muscle tiredness
  7. Energy supplement
  8. Spring or Autumn cure (I'm not sure I understand what they are trying to say here)

One site also sells camel milk.  I read many years ago tales describing how arabian horses were fed camel milk, because of its rich nutrients.  Another site states it has fruity undertones...sounds more like wine than milk.

So 1 kg (2.2 lbs) will cost you approximately $92.00 USD, but wait...they say the price can be negotiated.

Now lots of thoughts run through my head, such as does this industry also have an over abundance of foals?  Similar to the production for Premarin?  I would imagine so if there is a huge demand for the product.  I don't imagine there are any producers in north American, but I decided to answer that question and found the following...


Start to Finish makes a Mare Replacer Powder and its made with..."contains proteins derived solely from edible milk ingredients...but doesn't state what kind of milk ingredients.

This is getting more interesting as I go down this road.  Ever hear of a product called Equilac, its a supplement made from horse milk and is recommended to help with various skin complaints such as psoriasis and eczema.  The company that makes Equilac is located in Belgium and if I did the translation of euros to USD correctly, this for me would be a costly item.  But then again costly is all in the view of the person pocket book.

Well I must get back to work, but there you go...some utterly interesting uses for horse milk!

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