Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unwanted horse Coalition Directory

Before a horse goes neglected or is sent off to its demise, please check out the Unwanted Horse Coalition directory to find a facility that is accepting horses.

Click here to access the directory..   Unwanted Horse Coalition Directory

If you or someone you know is having difficulty managing/handling a horse and they are destine for a worse fate, please review this directory to find a facility near you.

Give a horse a chance to be rehabilitated and placed in a new adoptive home.

This is a great opportunity for the horse and once rehabilitated a great opportunity for the new owner as well.

Maybe you’re looking to adopt a horse... Here is a great place to start!

Many of these places have great success stories on their website and there were some sad stories as well, but all in all they are doing a great service for the horse.

Visit a facility near you and get to know them.   And when someone asks you about getting a horse you can give them this information and maybe a good union will happen for a lucky horse and a lucky new owner.

It's tough times for everyone including the horse and if you can find the extra $'s, equipment or some extra time to donate I'm sure these facilities would greatly appreciate any and all assistance given.

Happy trails to all!

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