Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Blind Horse

I remember one day car pooling to work with a co-worker of mine and as we passed a large pasture you could see that there were a few horses in it who were wearing fly masks.  It was a beautiful summer morning, nice crisp air yet not cold, but you could tell the heat was going to be at its worst right about 11:00 am and as we passed the pasture the guy said to me in a sad voice... aaaaw  those horses are blind!  He knew I had horses and I think he was making conversation, but I said "whaaaaaat?" And he said it again..."Those horses back there were blind!"...  So I asked him how does he know, does he know the horses and he said no, but they had masks on doesn't that mean their blind?

Well I busted up laughing and said to him. NO they are not blind those are fly masks to keep the flies off of the horses face.  Well needless to say he felt like an idiot for saying what he said and I apologized for laughing so hard, but to this day I find it amusing (not at his expense though..giggle).

This guy was from the city and he had never had the experience of being around a horse.  Can you tell?

Anyway, I stumbled on this wonderful web site...

It's a guide to loving and caring for the blind horse..

Imagine yourself in the middle of a field and you can't see anything around you.. can you find your way to the water trough or the feed bucket with no one guiding you?  WOW I would be scared and it would probably take me 10 hours to find my way, that is if I didn't get lost.  My internal compass doesn't work so well, so I wouldn't know if I was going north, south, east or west or if it even mattered.


and happy trails to all!

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